naviWFM is designed to make workforce management process easier for everyone in a contact center. Managers can benefit from better visibility and insight into operations, supervisors to manage intraday activity in a convenient way, planners to smoothly switch to automatic forecasting and scheduling or choose manual mode, agents to work according to their preferences.

  • Forecasting. Forecast the contact centers staffing requirements based on historical data from Cisco UCCE or simply enter your current daily forecast into naviWFM with few clicks.

  • Scheduling & Shifts. Shifts Planner is a tool for building different shifts in the most simple and convenient way. Scheduling Wizard is used for creating and approving new schedules as well as for filling them with agents based on their preferences and manual changing the already assigned agents.

  • Intraday management. Supervisor receives information about what the agents are doing at the moment and if they adhere to the schedule. In case of unplanned changes in staff supervisor can promptly change the schedule using convenient intraday management tools.

  • Notifications. Notification service is keeping users updated about the rapidly changing situation. Managers, supervisors, and agents receive information about upcoming events, schedule changes, violations, accidents, etc.

  • Reporting. Reporting module provides users with the set of predefined reports. As an alternative customer can create his own reports using the Report Designer.

Intraday management

Used technologies

  • HTML 5

    This is a new open platform for building Web applications using audio, video, graphics, animation, and more

  • CSS 3

    This is a style sheet language that defines the display of HTML documents. The main feature of CSS3 is the ability to create animated elements without using JS.

  • Bootstrap 3

    This is the most popular framework for developing adaptive and mobile web-projects. Bootstrap uses the most modern technologies of CSS and HTML.

  • Ember js

    This is a free JavaScript Web application framework that implements the MVC design pattern to simplify the creation of scalable, single-page Web application.

  • Java

    Java is a technology used to develop applications that can make the Internet more enjoyable and convenient.

  • PostgreSQL

    This is a powerful object-relational database management system open source.


Provided screenshots of the application interface, when used with different devices

About us

NaviWFM is a product developed by a team of talented and ambitious professionals with expert knowledge and strong experience in areas fundamental for WFM solutions: mathematics, system analysis, telecommunication systems, integration of business applications with contact center platforms by Cisco, Avaya, etc., DB management (Oracle, Microsoft, etc.), IT solutions for banking, programming on the most up-to-date frameworks and languages, including mobile, cloud services, SAAS solutions, UI design …

Our tasks:
  • Automation of day-to-day routine, laborious processes in contact centers. As a result – higher efficiency of workforce planning and management;
  • WFM-system integration with adjacent solutions provided by third parties;
  • Synchronization of application data with contact center data, max information validity through efficient on-line data exchange.